6 Queen Street

Downtown Summerside’s Coworking Space

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 About This Space

What if you could set up shop near one of the busiest locations in Summerside? What would you give for the regular foot traffic of a pleasant base of happy customers? How about enjoying the increased productivity and allure that comes from having an office/storefront creatively decorated with preserved rich architecture, natural brick and wood finishes? Located on the busy corner where Water Street meets Queen, directly adjoining Samuel’s Coffee, and sharing a roof with the Journal Pioneer in the prestigious landmark Harbour Terrace building, this commercial two-level condominium is the the place for a business that wants to be on the map. 6 Queen offers a multiplicity of creative atmospheres and a guaranteed professional look right on the corner of downtown Summerside’s busiest street. You want a productive climate for your team and a face that inspires confidence in your business partners. You want to be accessible to your committed clients and so conveniently located that customers will be competing for your face time. Located in the center of the city’s business community, 6 Queen will guarantee that you will always be at the heart of the action.

You will access the unit via a Queen street entrance, with a main area on the left through extra large sliding doors. With its retro tiled floor, walls finished in cream and oak panelling and large south-facing harbour-view windows, this area gives a feel of comfortable luxury and could be particularly suited for retail or display cases, but would also be well used to receive clients, or as a conference setting. A back room includes loading door access, storage and a vintage walk-in safe. The downstairs includes three offices finished in original brick, white and glass block with ample shelving, a half-bath, a kitchenette and some under-stairs storage. The character of these spaces lends them perfectly as offices and meeting rooms, but also could function as small retail with an “underground” feel.



  • Off the street entrance
  • Designated parking spaces
  • Kitchenette
  • Bathroom
  • Unique work areas/office spaces
  • Historical charm & character: natural brick and wood finishes
  • Busy/ high traffic location
  • Successful and popular businesses within the same building


6 Queen Street, Summerside, PE