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Dream homes within your reach…at your fingertips.

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The Lofts on Water. Come, live the inspiration.

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Stay in Style: HUB 223

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Bustling Locations. Historical charm. Give your business the location for success.

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Finding home is finding a special space to protect and house your most valued treasures, somewhere to create memories, craft masterpiece meals, to adorn with festive attire, and collect laughter and friends. Somewhere to rest and relax; a place your heart is delighted to come home to…finding home is your dream.

Making that happen is our passion.

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Home Suite Home


With their ease, security and access the signature suites on St. Stephen offer the ideal home solution if you’re looking for a moderate floorplan without forgoing any luxuries. Live in a building that’s secure with locking entrance doors, indoor, carpeted stairways and common areas, an elevator, and personal garages. Come discover what these signature suites can offer you.


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HUB 223: Microsuites

HIP. URBAN. BOLD.  Live, work, play…in style.

Come stay at the newest short-term rentals in the city! With over 20 units in 4 different unique styles and with rooms that are accessible-friendly, a on site coin-operated laundry facility, located in the heart of downtown- just minutes away from the farmer’s market, library, banks, shops and Samuel’s coffeehouse, shopping and eateries, and the boardwalk- and a 5 minute drive to the Credit Union Place, you have every convenience at your fingertips!


Go to HUB223.com

Cape Cods: The Duplexes


If you like to gather with people you love and entertain in spacious style, to feel at home when you are at home, and to be part of an evolving community, then the Cape Cod Collection is for you. It’s not just the open concept layout with massive kitchen, oversized square footage, heated floors (no kidding!), or luxury upgrades, though they shine. The Cape Cod is twice the home! Each is designed with an attached apartment/in-law suite, turning into a huge 5-bed, 3 full bath, 2-kitchen home, or splits in two for intergenerational living or a renter.

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Sleek Modern Family Living 


Homes that are comfortable, spacious and bright, new and modern to keep with your family’s growth and needs. These 3-bedroom homes are not cramped as with most other apartments and townhouses around. These quality homes are roomy, easy on the eyes, and highly functional for family life…it’s a space the whole family will love to call home.


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Heritage Homes


If you’ve ever dreamed of living your modern lifestyle in a uniquely inspirational space, try the Heritage Home Collection. People who love this Collection appreciate the irreplaceable charm of a character home, blended seamlessly with the essentials of modern living.


Browse our Heritage Home Collection

Executive & Retail Spaces 


What if you could set up shop near one of the busiest locations in Summerside? What would you give for the regular foot traffic of a pleasant base of happy customers? How about enjoying the increased productivity and allure that comes from having an office/storefront creatively decorated with preserved rich architecture, natural brick and wood finishes?


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The Hub is a great place to call home for short or extended periods of time. The rooms are clean, well laid out and very comfortable! The rooms have full kitchenettes, fiber op T.V., Wifi internet and nice new comfortable furniture which all allow you to bring the comfort of home to your room. Staying over the winter months heat was never an issue as there fitted with nice new heat pumps.The location is amazing, all downtown stores and amenities are close and within walking distance. The Colleges are close and within walking distance as well! I highly recommend this place to anybody that needs a short vacation or a long term stay! Staff were always available and responded quickly. They ensured I had everything I needed while away from home. The Friendly staff and guests were just the added bonus to the perfect location to stay!

Michael M

Dartmouth, NS, “Great Rooms, Great Price, and Very Friendly Staff!”

I have now stayed here on two separate occasions. Both times it was for 2 weeks or more for school studies.
The facility is adequately appointed, spacious, and comfortable for 1 or 2 people. Plenty of storage for clothing, and personal items if you are staying for a longer time. Plenty of lights, and natural light for the daytime. Bathrooms are new, and well appointed. The only problem is that the kitchen facilities do not include an oven. The microwave oven, and countertop stove are more than adequate for short term stays, but if you were staying for several weeks an investment in a Toaster oven might be a good idea.

Justin T

Antigonish, NS, “Modern, Convenient, and Comfortable!”

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